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Welcome to Ellis County Martial Arts

  "Traditional Values, Modern Concepts"

What makes ECMA different:

  • Private classes (2-6 students maximum)
  • Classes taught by the Chief Instructor
  • Self defense emphasized (not sport/competition)
  • No hidden/extra fees. Ever.

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Mr. Richard Ray, Kyoshi

Ray Sensei is the founder, owner and Chief Instructor of Ellis County Martial Arts.  
He has been studying and teaching martial arts for over 38 years, 
and he has taught professionally in Ellis County for over 27 years.
In 2022, Ray Sensei retired from operating a full time commercial dojo.  
He currently only teaches private classes.

Ray Sensei's resume includes the following:

  • Eighth degree black belt in San Sai Ryu karate (Kyoshi)
  • Sixth degree black belt in Kenpo karate (Professor)
  • Third degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Kyosei menkyo in kenjutsu (Japanese sword)
  • former police officer
  • current TXDPS-PSB PPO (Bodyguard) and Private Investigator
  • current TXDPS -PSB Classroom/Firearms Instructor
  • certified Instructor Trainer for handcuffing, baton, OC, and defensive tactics

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